Dear Henry Street Team,

The numbers are in...and our students did an exceptional job this year on the Regents. Please find enclosed the gains from 2010-11. HIghlights are the growth in Living Environment, which shot up by 114% from 28% in 2011 to 60% in 2012 (32 percentage points); Global History rose from 28% to 49%; and ELA, which grew from 42% to 57%. Likewise we saw gains in American History, especially among 11th graders and a strong showing among the 9th grade class. Needless to say this bodes well for our future graduation rate as our students pass exams earlier and build confidence in their skills and abilities. Thanks to our Special Education team - Ms. Herndandez, Mr. Rodriguez, and Ms. McKenzie - and our ESL team - Mr. Lentol, Ms. Levey, and Ms. Chicklas - for their work in preparing our students for the RCTs and the ELA exam. While not in this excel sheet, students' RCT performance was higher than ever. Cheers to our whole faculty, staff, paras, and student teachers who worked together to make this happen. Each one of you played a role in making the students successful as measured by their summative exams.


  • Thank you to Mr. Wuthenow, Ms. Loughlin, Mr. Lin and Ms. Penski for once again, a smooth and efficient Regents' process, and to all of our proctors, graders, and hall proctors for their service. Our 8th grade students tried both American and Living Environment; in fact, 8th grader, Jonathan Castillo, scored the second highest in the building for LIving Environment. Well done to him and Ms. Scott for his preparation.

  • Mr. Lin, our 8th grade Advisors (Marino, Schattenkirk, Hawkins and Garcia), and Lower School faculty and staff for another beautiful Rising Up. Ms. Marino served as the emcee and as always, the event was well-received by parents, families, and caregivers. The reception that followed was lovely thanks to the set up by Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Orama.

  • Thank you to Mr. Lentol and Ms. Marino for creating a beautiful yearbook for the 8th - 12th grades. Very nicely done.

  • Finally, our HSSIS Faculty and Staff gathering, organized by Ms. Reghay and Mr. Wuthenow, was a fun and relaxing. Awards were presented to:
    • Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Ortiz, Henry Street's Founding Staff
    • Ms. Loughlin and Mr. Lin, for their service as Assistant Principals
    • Ms. Penski and Ms. Velez, for 25 and 28 years of service to the BoE/DoE
    • Our ELT team - Ms. Marino, Ms. Flynn, and Ms. Scott
    • Our directors of Athletics and Band, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Gunther
    • Our deans, Ms. Hasandras and Mr. Escudero
    • And last but not least, Mr. Wuthenow, our programmer

Thanks to all who attended. As Milly's husband noted to me, the heavy rains punctuated the evening and ushered in good things to come.

8th Graders prepping for their Rising Up
Mr. Gunther, Band Director
Our end of year celebration!

  • Rooms will be checked for moving for the summer on Tuesday at 8:40am. Please see the checklist I mailed last week for guidance.
  • Team Leader Meeting for the 2011-2012 team - Tuesday, 9am - 11am. Led by Ms. Spencer.
  • Team Leader Applications for next year were due on Friday. Please submit your application to me by the end of the day on Tuesday, June 26th, to be considered for next year. review the instructional expectations in advance of completing the applications.

  • Facilitation Training at NYU - please email me if you wish to attend. We have seven spots. Those serving as Team Leaders will be given preference (retail value; $850)
  • Summer School. Our 9-12th grade students will be at Marte Valle HS and 6&7th graders at the School for Global Leaders on the Marta Valle Campus.

Upcoming this Week
  • Monday, June 25, 2012 – The eighth HS graduation of the Henry Street School for International Studies, Skirball Center, 566 LaGuardia Place.;
  • Tuesday, June 26, 2012 – Professional Development day. Please see agenda sent on Thursday, June 21; Kate Bean, Aveson director, to visit.
  • Wednesday, June 27, 2012 – Half day for students; full day for adults; first day of the International Studies School Network Conference – Ms. Loughlin, Ms. Spencer, Ms. Reghay and Mr. Ardito will be attending the ISSN conference, June 27 – June 30th, at the Brooklyn Marriott! Report cards distributed to all students; 12th grade students pick up diplomas from Ms. Penski.
  • Thursday, June 28, 2012, and Friday, June 29, final days for administrative staff, school leaders, and guidance.

As this is my final newsletter, I want to thank you again for your gifts of learning, kindness, and care that you shared with me along the way and all the hard work that made this year and our last four years together succesful.


Onward and Upward,