Henry Street School for International Studies

Learning Principles

Our learning principles provide staff and students and accessible conceptual foundation of how learning is done.
We believe learning cannot be given...learning must be done by the learner.

Learning Goals...

  • Learning is leads to fluent and flexible transfer (i.e. powerful application across contexts).
  • Learning activates prior knowledge to frame current and future learning.

are personalized and meaningful...

  • Learning requires that learners see the value of their work and feel a sense of efficacy.
  • Learning requires the right blend of challenge and comfort where learners know that success is attainable but must persist in order for it to happen.

So we, as a community (students, faculty, leaders) can hold one another accountable to improve over time and support one another.

  • Learning requires regular, timely meaningful feedback with opportunities for practice and revision to produce quality work.
  • This allows us to build Henry Street to be a safe place where we can take personal and academic risks.