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Year Two - (September 2011-August 2012) - Planning by Faculty and Students, including the Kick-off Presentation


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Year One: Planning (September 2010-August 2011)

· The school leadership team will participate in interviews and review drafts as Asia Society and its consultants develop a guided planning process for designing expanded learning programs that support global competence.
· A point person from the school leadership team will convene and shepherd a joint school-community planning team that includes members of the school leadership as well as community partners to implement the planning process.
· The joint school-community planning team will complete the planning process and develop a three-year implementation plan for an expanded learning program, which includes how afterschool curriculum, instruction, and assessment will be aligned with whole-school implementation of the GPS and how student work can be used for GPS, credit, or graduation requirements. A key component of this plan will be a sustainable financing strategy for the school to reallocate and/or braid existing funding as well as additional funding targets to support the program.
· The school will organize a one-day training on global learning in afterschool for potential community partners and participating school staff.
· One teacher and/or afterschool educator will participate in the Global Leadership Performance Outcomes working group in order to tune the performance outcomes and rubric that will be used for in-school and afterschool collaboration.
· Participating school leaders and teachers will contribute to evaluation interviews and surveys of the project, led by Asia Society and Hypothesi.

Budgets will be based on what is required to run the program. For sports, please consider the gym time afterschool. The shared space schedule is posted on the Wiki: