2011-12 Henry Street Faculty and Staff,

This will be the place where you can refer back to the Chancellor's Regulations. Below is a google doc which provides you with a form to certify you have read the following Chancellor's Regulations. Please follow the link to the Chancellor's Regulations: http://schools.nyc.gov/RulesPolicies/ChancellorsRegulations/default.htm and read the following.

For those who have not, please complete the enclosed Google doc by 9/16/11.

A-412 Security in Schools

A-420 Corporal Punishment

A-421 Verbal Abuse

A-750 Child Abuse

A-830 Discrimination & Harassment

C-105 Background Investigations of Pedagogical and Administrative Applicants and Procedures in case of the Arrest of Employees

C-601 Attendance and Service to School Staff

C-603 Absent Employees

C-604 Timekeeping

C-605 Salary, Attendance and Leave of Pedagogical Employees

C-810 Tobacco Product and Smoke-Free Air (No Smoking) Policy

D-130 Political Activities in School