Advisory - This is a collection of lesson plans developed by the 10th grade team in 2010-11. Feel free to preview.
This page will be used to share lesson plans by grade level for Advisory. Please find below the opening week lessons planned created by Erin McMahon for use in 10th grade or with all new Advisors.

September 8 - Day One Lesson Plan - Upper School

September 13 - Day Two - Lesson Plan - Upper School

September 13 - Advisory Meeting

September 15 - Day Three - Lesson Plan - Upper School - Mr. Ardito

September 17 - Day Four - Lesson Plan - Upper School - Ms. Ames

September 22 - Day Five - Lesson Plan - Upper School
9th - 12th Grade Town Hall - Stephanie/Daniel

September 24- Day Six - Lesson Plan - Upper School
PSAT Prep - Bill

This is the reading passage I used. It was good for strategies and how to decode words. - Erin

The Do Now for 9/29 is to analyze why they made a different choice from the right answer.


6. B. It seems likely that this description is the prelude to a story about some of the people living in the Foothill Country.
7. D. The word is opposed to humor.
8. B. The author notes how this region combines the scenery of the mountains and prairies.
9. A. The author clearly feels strongly about the beauty of the Foothill Country.
10. D. The author indicates that the people of the Foothill Country live at the extremes of pleasure and pain.

September 29 and October 1 - Days Seven and Eight - Lesson Plan - Upper School

Handout for Advisees to complete and have signed

October 6 & 8 - PSAT Prep - courtesy of Ms. Wise

  • "I included a full vocab list that you could use as a game (I've given kids a worksheet for vocab mc questions for extra credit). I also attached a prefix sheet that would be helpful. We've done context/cognate clues in class, but this is a full list that may be helpful to study. I also didn't include essay portion bc I think the PSAT doesn't include that? There's also a sentence completion handout attached. I may do something similar next Monday, but not positive yet, so you should feel free to use this." - Ms. Wise
  • Thank you Ms. Wise!

10th Grade Advisory

  • 9/15 - Emotional Graph (Bill)/ Transcripts
  • 9/17 - Multiple Intelligences - Krystle
  • 9/22 - 10th Grade Town Hall - Stephanie/Daniel
  • 9/24 - PSAT Prep - Bill
  • 9/29 & 10/1 - Reflection for the first month - Erin

  • 11/3 - Survey for 10th Grade
From Ms. Ames: I have attached the survey that we plan on using in advisory to the email. Please feel free to include any ammendments that need to be made. Here is the link that lists some of the ideas I found for community service projects. It includes contact information.

I thought that the Baby Buggy project would be perfect for Mr. Ardito's girls. And it says that they support school groups.

Below I have found a link to a pic of the Unicorn in Captivity that hangs in the cloisters and that can be seen in Harry Potter. I thought this might be useful for the town hall meeting.
  • 11/5 - Town Hall (Hasandras/Ellis)
  • 11/10 - Essay Support for Global (Ardito)
  • 11/12 - Personal Time with Advisory (Each)
  • 11/7 - DBQs (Hasandras)
  • 11/19 - Advisory Out Day to the Cloisters (Ellis)
  • 11/24 - Thanksgiving Day Meal (McMahon, Ames)

January 14, 2010

MLK Speech and Enrichment Selection

12th Grade Advisory - from Ms. Wise
After discussing 12th grade advisory today, we decided to come up with ideas for community service amongst our advisees so that we can create plans for the grade as well as individual advisories. We also decided to focus on class unity, college readiness and the application process during W, F as part of the personal and academic components.
I've attached a college survey, college essay powerpoint, and other materials that you may be interested in using. In addition, Leanne from MGI has offered services to make sure we can support our students throughout the entire college application process. I think Patti also has a brag sheet that is helpful for recommendations that we may use that in the future if Patti wouldn't mind sharing! Thanks for your work and dedication, go team!